How Transformational Leadership Can Help Improve Project Success

  Transformation leadership is based on collaborative exchange. This type of leadership supports employee wellness in order to achieve project goals. The leadership style not only results in improved employee satisfaction, but also enhanced organizational efficiencies. Various studies have empirically...

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How to Use Retrospectives to Make Team More Agile

  Project retrospectives can help team members know what went right and what went wrong relating to a project. Retrospectives can help project managers identify and fix problems. The insights gained from the retrospective meeting can help in making the...

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Project Management 101 – How to Profile Project Complexity

  One of the crucial tasks of a project manager is to handle project complexity. The task of evaluating project complexity should start during the planning stage. The complexity of the project should be re-validated and profiled before commencement of...

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How to Make a Failing Project Come to a Successful End

    Project managers have a common goal of seeing projects come to a successful end. However, the fact is that a lot of projects fail. A study carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers had reviewed over 1000 projects in 30 countries,...

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How to Avoid Micromanaging and Start Leading

  Micromanagement prevents a manager to work effectively and productively. The action limits what a project manager can accomplish during a day. This stifles productivity and may also contribute to project failure. As a project manager, you need to identify...

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How Project Managers Can Use Technology for Improved Productivity

    Project managers play a pivotal role in success (or failure) of a project. They need to plan projects, organize resources, assign tasks, and ensure that the team achieves all project goals. Not long ago fulfilling project managers had...

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