Converting Downtime to Useful Uptime Can Increase the Chances of Meeting Project Timelines.

Downtime is a period when the activities in your scheme are on hold. Many factors can pile up and lead to a halt in normal project activities. On the other end, uptime refers to the period in which normal activities...

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New Project Offers: When to Say No and How to Do it!

New projects come with fresh opportunities. We often see a chance to make money and build a respectable reputation. However, sometimes turning down a project and saying NO is a wiser decision than a YES for some reasons we will...

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Business Process Mapping: What it is & How to do it Right!

Creating a project workflow diagram is a common undertaking among project managers. However, not many of them are aware of the correct way to draft one that will yield desired outcomes like business process mapping. Business process mapping is the process...

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Project Management Rumors & Hearsay Can Send Your Projects into the Soup

Project management is the process of planning, starting, monitoring, and ending activities in a scheme. Proper management ensures the achievement of objectives using the available resources. A good project manager should be able to motivate his/her team to finish their...

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Workplace Conflict Can Benefit Your Project Team in Many Ways

In most project teams, more members are unwilling to take part in a workplace conflict than are willing because use our workplace culture trains us that conflict is a negative thing. So a worker would rather hold back their viewpoint...

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Can you Turn Workplace Conflict into an Invaluable Productivity Tool in Your Projects

Workplace conflict can lead to ruined relationships, broken teams, and compromised projects. But conflict can also bring a host of other benefits to an organization. For instance, constructive conflict can drive positive changes that can improve the quality of the...

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