Workplace Performance Assessment: What is it & Why is it Essential?

Project management involves leading a team of professionals to accomplish goals, evaluate work performance and meet a set target within a particular time. The main aim of a venture or project is to accomplish the set goals within the given...

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Working Healthy: 10 Red Flags That Indicate You Are Overworking Yourself

Project managers are the individuals who utilize a set of resources to complete an assignment within a time limit. Effective project management is an essential component of any successful venture. However, in the haste to attain a given target, many...

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Strategic Management Lessons Business Can Learn from Starbucks

Starbucks' internal analysis comprises four elements gained from Howard Schultz's view on the Starbucks experience. The company's primary resource, the coffee bean, is the first component flaunting the company’s quality, delivery, and proper management strategies. It utilizes Potter's broad differentiation...

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A Step By Step Guide to Creating an Opportunity Statement That Simplifies the Problem-Solving Process

Problems are likely to appear within a project or in a workplace setting. In most cases, problems arise when you least expect them. Quick rectification of the issues ensures that they do not increase in magnitude and impact.Writing an opportunity...

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Ten Time Management Ideas and Tips Administrators Can Use in Projects

Managing projects can be quite hard. Close to 34% of enterprises fail to complete their projects as per the schedule because of poor project management tools. When a project goes beyond its time limit, it leads to further use of...

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A PM’s Guide: How to Make Friends with Your Project Team Members

It takes a lot of effort to get to the top. Days of endless work and tons of sweat, looking towards joining your organization’s management. Finally, you achieve your objectives and become a project manager at your firm. You are...

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