A Step By Step Guide to Creating an Opportunity Statement That Simplifies the Problem-Solving Process

Problems are likely to appear within a project or in a workplace setting. In most cases, problems arise when you least expect them. Quick rectification of the issues ensures that they do not increase in magnitude and impact.Writing an opportunity statement is one of the first steps to take when any problem arises.

It should be a collective process that involves both subordinate and administration staff. Different people may have diverse strategies on how to identify issues within a project.

An opportunity statement is a document that assists staff and administrators in understanding the problem at hand. It clearly describes the current issue, its impact, and the best possible remedy to curb the problem.

The Benefits of Using Opportunity Statements in Resolving Issues

Efficient solving of issues is important in ensuring that activities and tasks run smoothly. A robust opportunity statement can assist in simplifying problem solving within a firm. Here are the main advantages of creating an opportunity statement.

  • It helps in creating a clear representation of the problem at hand. It is possible to see the nature of the issue and how it is affecting work activities. You can see the direct impacts of the problem using the representation.
  • Opportunity statements ensure that there is proper communication of the problem. All the staff will know about the issues affecting the project.
  • Finally, writing an opportunity statement helps in drawing attention to issues so that administrators see the need to resolve them.

 A Step By Step Guide on How to Create an Opportunity Statement

writing an opportunity statement

Writing an opportunity statement is a rather simple process. You can create one using a simple formula that contains the following four components:

  1.  The Present Situation

A Present situation is a component that describes the current state of an issue affecting the staff and project activities. For example, a workplace may lack proper security measures. Such a situation should appear clearly in the present situation component. All relevant information relating to the issues should appear.

  1.  The Effect Component

In this component, there is the identification of all the impacts that arise from the issue. Impacts are the effects that occur as a direct result of the problems in the present situation. For example, when a workplace lacks security, the staff may not be willing to work late.  Activities will run slowly, leading to delays.

  1.  The Preferred Situation

The preferred situation is the final component when you are writing an opportunity statement. It describes the state in which the staff and administrators want to be in after resolving the problems.

For instance, the firm can determine that the preferred situation is whereby there are adequate security measures. It can include improving lighting, hiring guards, and setting up CCTVs so that the staff feels secure as they come and leave work.

 Additional Tips That You Can Make Use When You Are Writing an Opportunity Statement

Simplifying problem solving can be a straightforward process when you have an opportunity statement. However, there are some crucial tips that you should know as you create the document. Here are the three top tips to consider when writing an opportunity statement:

  • It would be best if you did not list down the specific corrective measures for the issues within the opportunity statement.
  • Identify and give attention to one issue only. Do not include several issues within a single statement.
  • Find and select reasonable and attainable preferred situations. You should not set conditions that are impossible to attain.

Parting Shot

Complications can arise spontaneously within a workplace situation. Unresolved difficulties may lead to future issues that may halt activities leading to failures and an increase in costs. Creating an opportunity statement helps in ensuring there is efficient solving of problems.

Opportunity statements help in identifying difficulties within the project. It helps in providing the effects and preferred situation that should replace the highlighted issues. You should always handle one challenge at a time when using the document.