Some of the Conflict Resolution Strategies Project Managers Can Apply

Conflict at workplace is inevitable. At one point or another, you probably have disagreed with a co-worker, or you have been called to solve some conflict between employees. Conflict is a common occurrence in the workplace; there exist very few...

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A Comprehensive Guide Into Requirements Gathering Process and Why It’s important

Every business/organization would want to be competitive in their different fields. And for a business to be more competitive, it means they need to have more advantages over other companies. For instance, they have to outperform their competitors. To be...

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What Is a Statement of Work in Project Management, and How Can You Come Up With One?

Regardless of the industry, you are in, throughout the life cycle of a project, paperwork is one constant thing that you must encounter. In any project, there is always a lot of paperwork to produce, get approved, file, and lastly,...

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What Is The RACI Chart and Why Is It Important to Project Managers

Productive teamwork is crucial for any project management. However, in most cases, it's sure to find teams losing track when working on complex projects. This mostly occur when there are no clear identified roles and responsibilities assigned or in where...

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Workforce Management Trends: What Has Changed With The Pandemic?

As coronavirus introduces new workplace trends, it's crucial for organizations to follow suit to be on the safe side moving forward. Leaders must develop new strategies to enhance workforce management after Covid-19. Workforce management after Covid-19 requires organizations to focus...

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Requirements Analysis in Projects: Analyzing Stakeholder Needs for More Satisfying Outcomes

A Gallup poll shows that 3 in 5 (around 59 percent) of American employees who've been operating remotely amid COVID would like to continue working virtually once pandemic restrictions ease. Forty-one percent would rather go back to their offices. But...

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