Understating the Change Management Process

Change management is a broad term, covering all process types that prepare and support organizational changes. However, from the perspective of project management, it refers to managing changes within the domain of the project.  So for instance, if any changes...

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Understanding the Project Charter

Only 33% of projects have a chance of meeting the initial goals and objectives. Others fail to do so because of numerous reasons, one of which is not developing a project charter. A project charter is a formal document that...

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Improving Project Communication – A Guide for Project Managers

The PMBOK states that a project manager spends 90% of their time communicating. But a mere exchange of words doesn’t really contribute or lead to project successes. Project managers must be clear and precise, clearly explaining the goals and the...

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The Most Common Project Management Mistakes

Limited visibility, communication gaps and unclear goals are the three biggest causes of project failure.  And most of these arise because of simple and common mistakes that can easily be avoided. Let’s review them in detail. Not Understanding the Goals...

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How to Come Up with an Effective Project Management Plan

How many projects does a typical project manager supervise in a given instance? Quite a few. To ensure that all of them are closed successfully within the scope, schedule and cost baselines, they have to devise and follow a foolproof...

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Scrum or Kanban Board: Which is a Better Choice for a More Effective Project Plan?

What are the three main characteristics of a good project plan? Transparency, consistency and documentation. Every stakeholder should know the project status and progress, which can be achieved through effective collaboration software. Consistency is desired so that the deliverables are...

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