Why It’s Important for Project Managers to Focus on Effective Time Management

The importance of time management for project managers cannot be emphasized enough. Efficient task management requires making effective use of the time. Along with resource allocation, efficient time management is the basic ingredient of successful project delivery.

In this article, we will shed light on the importance of effective time management for the project managers, and also the tools that they can use to ensure effective management of the time.   

The Importance of Effective Time Management

Time management refers to the ability of a project manager in planning and organizing the time that is spent on activities. Good time management results in improved productivity and effectiveness. Time management is one of the key aspects of effective task management.

Assigning time to the tasks is important for timely completion of the project. This means breaking down the project into different tasks. This can be achieved by creating a to-do list. Next, the tasks should be prioritized according to the importance. Not all the tasks have equal priority. Some of the tasks need to be completed first to avoid project delays. You can use either the Eisenhower method or the Pareto principle to identify tasks that are urgent (Eisenhower) or delivers the greatest value (Pareto) to the company.

The complex tasks should be performed first while the easier ones should be performed later. Prioritizing takes in this way can result in improved decision making regarding the project. Poor time allocation can lead to ineffective decision making and increased stress within the team. This will ultimately lead to failure of the project. 

Using Effective Tools for Efficient Time Management

Task management software can greatly aid in effective time management. Using task management software will result in efficient allocation of time. Task management software allows you to manage the tasks. You can start stopwatch timer on any of the tasks and post time and comments. The tasks can be reviewed by the team members and manage the daily activities accordingly. 

For effective time management, it’s essential that you use the latest online task management software. Make sure the project management software has task and timer feature. The software should allow you to review the tasks, add time and comment, and pin the task to the team members. Also, good task management software comes with a feature to highlight priority tasks. This will result in improved project outcomes and ensure that the project completes within the allotted time and budget.

In Conclusion

Project management software is one of the most effective tools that can help in effective time management. Efficient management of the employees’ time will result in successful and timely project delivery. Efficient time management can allow the project manager to accomplish more in minimum time. This will result in time and cost savings. The ultimate effect of the efficient time management using project management software will be on the profitability of the company.