How Transformational Leadership Can Help Improve Project Success


Transformation leadership is based on collaborative exchange. This type of leadership supports employee wellness in order to achieve project goals. The leadership style not only results in improved employee satisfaction, but also enhanced organizational efficiencies.

Various studies have empirically proved that the transformational leadership has a positive impact on a project outcome. However, how does this leadership style exactly help improve project success? This will be a focus of this article.

1. Positive Influence

Transformational leaders motivate employees by being a role model. They believe teaching through practice. Project managers that follow transformational leadership style become role models that their followers seek to emulate. These leaders are always able to get the respect and trust of their followers. The leaders put the needs of the project above personal gain and demonstrate efficient work practices and ethical code of conduct in managing projects.

2. Focus on Employees

Transformational project managers are different from traditional project managers in that they focus on employees rather than activities. They motivate and encourage employees to do their best. The leaders help create an environment that is conducive to efficient work. They support an environment with clear priorities, standards, and values.

In addition, transformational leaders build a company culture that makes employees think of the common good, instead of focusing on self-interest. By being effective role models, they encourage employees to make sacrifices to achieve organizational goals. They also link rewards to efforts so that employees don’t feel like they’re being treated like a money-making machine.

3. Encourage Innovation and Creativity

One of the key traits of transformational leaders is that they encourage project team to be innovative and creative in completing tasks. They provide freedom to employees to complete tasks in the most effective and efficient manner. The leaders focus on how the task was done instead of who is to be blamed. As a result, employees have no fear in finding out new ways of doing things, and that results in improved project outcomes.

4. Avoid Micromanaging

Transformational project leaders don’t micromanage employees. They let employees do the job without interfering. The leaders have trust in employees and let them make their own decisions to complete the job.

5. Mentorship and Training

Another way transformational leadership help promote project success is through mentoring and training. The leaders provide resources required to efficiently complete tasks. They organize training sessions to let employees share their experiences and improve the work process. This mentorship and training lead to improved project outcome.


Transformational leaders contribute to improved project success. They help employees to achieve outstanding results. They drive change and encourage innovative ideas to manage and sustain business processes. The leaders make use of collaboration software and other tools to ensure increased teamwork and reduced wastages when performing work. This results in project efficiencies and improved project outcome.