Why Poor Planning Can Lead To Project Failure

Poor planning in project management is the number one mistake that leads to project failure. If something does not start right, it would be delusional to think that it will end right.

The results of poor planning are discussed below

1. Poor time management

Poor planning means that the schedule that the team members are supposed to follow is not set out. The members will have no clear picture of what is expected of them as they work on the projects. There will be no deadlines to meet hence creating a lazy atmosphere among the team members. This means that the project will not be completed on time and the result will be a shoddily done work.

2. Poor clear definitions of project’s objectives

The aim of the project is set out at the onset of planning for the project. Therefore, if the planning is not at done right, the team members will not know what exactly they are working on and this will make them not to work efficiently for the project. Their productivity and output will be very low, leading to the failure of the project.

3. Budget not set out

At the planning stage, the budget that is required for the project and the means in which the funds will be sort is set out. Poor planning will result to the budget being left out of the projects main agenda. Additionally, the estimation of the funds that will be used is not made due to poor planning. This means that funds will be misused and wasted. The completion of the project will record tremendous losses and the project will have failed.

4. Dissatisfied customers

Poor planning of a project will not meet the expectations of the customers. They will be dissatisfied with the work that has been done and they will not consider the business for any job in the future. This will be a huge loss of business for the company or organization. The project will have failed in establishing good relations with potential clients.

5. Lack of support from stakeholders

The stakeholders usually have expectations from a presentation of the plan of the project to be worked on. If the planning is poor, the stakeholders will not support the project as they will have different expectations, which will be negative. People who intended to sponsor the project may not do so because they do not have a clear picture of what they are sponsoring.

6. Failing to plan exposes the project to unpredicted high risks and problems

This leads to time wastage in trying to figure out how to solve the challenges that the project faces. Time is money hence the funds of the project will be used in solving the issues that arise from the project due to poor planning. Subsequently, the project will be destined for failure.
The people assigned to do various tasks on the project may not be the ones suitable for that because the planning was poorly done. This limits the members from fully exploiting their full potential hence the project fails.