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Copper Projects module

Copper Simplifies your Projects

Imagine having a clear picture of what your team is trying to accomplish, with a central tool that keeps everyone in the loop. The biggest issue facing most project teams is that key information is lost in spreadsheets, documents, and lengthy email trails. For over ten years we've helped thousands of organizations regain order from chaos with a simple and beautiful tool done right. Sign up today, add your projects and tasks, and let Copper be your collaborative home for getting things done.

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Copper People module

Unique features like Pin & Pass

We think a little differently here, adding little touches like Draggable Timelines (for easy 'what if' traffic planning), Subtasks (drag tasks into a hiearchy), inbuilt file uploads (drag a file onto a task to attach it) or our brilliantly simple Pin & Pass feature (Finished your bit? Pass the task by pinning the next person!). With Copper, everyone knows who should be doing what, and by when.

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Copper Invoices module

Works well with Others

If you're just using Copper to track hours with the inbuilt stopwatch, we're cool with that! Once you've completed your hours, export your timesheets for reporting or invoicing purposes, or hook into tools like Xero, Quickbooks, Harvest, Freshbooks, or MS Project XML. We also have a full featured API.

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