Will Home Remain the New Office? A Discussion Based on COVID-19 Remote Working Stats

Whether home will be the new office remains a controversial topic because many would like to believe that we shall resume our previous habits post-pandemic. And nothing’s wrong with that perspective, but it’s also okay to accept that some habits...

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Adapting to the New Normal: 6 Tips to Increase Team Participation in a Virtual Meeting

With remote offices becoming the new normal, all teams must master how to run a virtual successful virtual project meeting. Remote meetings rely on various project management technologies that allow teams to interact virtually. Many PMs face difficulties running traditional...

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Corporate Governance: What is it & Are There Any International Differences?

Corporate governance or control is a different facet from the usual operational management process often led by an organization's executives. It is a coordination of governance and control that mandates how a board of directors (BOD) runs and supervises a...

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Improving Workplace Experiences to Motivate Staff, Cut Cost & Impact Overall Productivity

With everyone talking about commercial office fitouts and interior designs, you must be so curious to learn more about the two. The truth is both serve a useful purpose and work for different workplaces depending on many factors e.g., their...

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Resource Management Software: Why You Must Ditch Your Old Techniques

In the present-day business world, enterprises work tirelessly to deliver more modern goods and experiences at the lowest cost. In this case, existing resources are put to good use while bearing in mind the company's top priorities. Tech is also...

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Technology & Transformation in the Project Management Process

Technology has shed new light on the darkest side of many projects around the globe, and business project managers must adapt to the changes. In essence, it has made possible lots of things that were considered difficult or impossible and...

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