How to Create a Winning Project Management Team?

The importance of effective project team management cannot be emphasized enough. Effective team management is directly linked to the outcome of the project. Team building, in essence, is an act of creating an integrated work unit that works diligently to...

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How to Enter the ‘Flow State’ to Boost Productivity?

  Most project managers feel bogged down by the demands of managing complex projects. They tend to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the tasks, and therefore unable to take quick decisive actions. What they need to do in order...

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PM 101 — How to Define Project Success Criteria?

  Project success is determined by different factors. These factors can usually be measured that will define the success of the project. Project managers need to define the success criteria after collaboration with the end customer. Being on the same...

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Kanban vs. Scrum – Which Project Management Approach is Better?

  Scrum and Kanban are two popular project management methodologies. The project management has a different approach but the same outcome - getting the project completed on time within the budget. In order to know which is more appropriate for...

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Transversal Approach to Project Management Explained

  Transversal project management is one of the buzzwords today. The approach is suitable for managing large and complex projects. However, not many people are aware of the transversal approach to project management. Here we will explain the important features...

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What is Meant by Product Backlog in Scrum PM Approach?

  Scrum is a flexible agile project management approach that has broad application. The process is used for managing iterative projects. The best thing about the approach is that it can be used to manage almost all kinds of projects....

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