5 Tips to Handle New Requests During a Project

    New requests during the middle of a project are known as 'scope creep'. You need to set up a change management process from the start. Not having a system in place to handle new requirements can lead to...

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5 Basic Skills Required to Manage Software Projects

Software projects require expert skills that go beyond managing traditional projects. The skills are vital for a software project manager to ensure that the digital project satisfies client's expectations. In the world of IT, traits such as organization, negotiation, and...

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Is there Any Difference between Project Managers and Product Managers?

While the titles project manager and product manager may seem similar, there are not the same. The reality is that these two have slightly different objectives and responsibilities. Here we will explain the main points of differences between the two...

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Project Management 101 — What is Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)?

Detecting reliability problems early in the project life cycle is important. This is because it's easier to take actions against minor problems. But once they grow into a major problem, the success of a project is severely undermined. One project...

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Project Management 101 — What are the Roles of a Scrum Master?

  Scrum Master is a confusing term for companies that have not fully transitioned to Agile. Understanding the role is important to benefit the most from the Scrum project management approach. The effort is well worth it in the end...

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Qualitative Project Risk Analysis — Why It’s Important?

  Risk analysis is an integral part of project management. Performing risk analysis can help pinpoint potential problems. Onthe basis of risk assessment, project managers can create a risk-handling plan and invoke it as required during the life of the...

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