15 Effective Strategic Planning Models PMs Must Consider

Strategic planning models is  key to all businesses that wants to thrive all year round. But for many, growth is just a dream yet to materialize because of several barriers like unsuccessful projects, unavailability of resources, and poor management. Many...

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Project Management Back to Basics: Understanding the Process and the Career

Project manager is a person who leads a team of group members to achieve set goals within the stipulated time. Project management is the act of guiding a team of experts to accomplish goals and meet a set target within...

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Financial Risks in Projects: How to Assess and Prepare to Deal with Them

In a project, finances are your most valuable resource. You must guard them by all means, and competent project managers have the right skills to manage money. Budget inconsistencies may affect how activities happen within a venture. That's why you...

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How to Create a Workable Project Timeline and Stick to It

Before a project commences, you need to develop a timeline that will guide all the activities to be undertaken. The ability to write an efficient timeline is one of the things that make a competent project manager. Laying out a timeline...

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Top 8 Reasons Why Feasibility Analysis is Essential for Any Project

A feasibility analysis can help assess whether a suggested project is within reach or not, in terms of funding availability, marketability of the project, profitability, and the availability of the resources that matter. To increase the chances of success, project...

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Using Fast-tracking & Crash techniques to Speed up Projects amid a Pandemic

Fast-tracking and crashing procedures assist in proper scheduling of activities, thus ensuring ventures run and end according to the set scheme. Time is a crucial element in any investment and COVID-19 has made it a limited resource. If you don't...

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