Sticking to the Critical Path and Ensuring Project Success

Critical path management has always played a key role in determining the success of a project. A critical path is basically the longest sequence of tasks that help identify the schedule of a project. It involves listing critical tasks that...

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Project Management: Working to Improve Quality

A lot of project managers tend to focus on using their resources in an economical manner and driving down the cost of a project. This cost-based approach is realistic, of course, especially since you have to justify expenses and project...

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5 Project Management Mistakes that You Need To Stop Making

In spite of modern project management techniques, 70 percent of projects still fail. What’s even more surprising is that most of the time this failure is not because of something that happened while the project was underway. Instead, it always...

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4 Things That Make Modern Project Management Different

Project management techniques have undergone several levels of innovation since its inception. As a result, we have seen several core concepts associated with traditional project management change with time. Today’s project management has a more dynamic approach. It is more...

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Improving Teamwork: The Key to Successful Project Management

Good teamwork is the cornerstone of a project. Projects require a collaborative approach, so if you have a team that fails to communicate properly, then the chances of completing a project on time are slim indeed. Good teamwork and communication...

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How Does Project Management Differ from Usual Business Operations?

Have you ever wondered why project management receives special treatment and how it differentiates from day-to-day operations in a business? Most organizations do not have a separate division for managing projects. This is mostly because most elements associated with a...

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