The Perfectionist Trap – Why Your Eye for Detail May be Hurting the Projects?

  Do you tend to fuss over even the tiniest of the project details? If so, your perfectionist work attitude could be setting you up for failure. While it's fine to set high standards, the pursuit of perfection is a...

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What Project Should Managers Know About Minimum Viable Bureaucracy (MVB)?

  Agile project management helps in delivering quality project outcome without overexerting the project. It is a highly versatile and flexible approach that can be applied to project management in almost any enterprise. With agile project management, project managers can...

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4 Effective Clinical Project Management Tips

  Articles on effective project management abound online. However, most of them are generic and do not address the specific situations relating to a particular field. There is a decidedly dearth of materials relating to managing clinical projects. In this...

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Why Is Six Sigma Important for Project Managers?

  Six Sigma is, without doubt, the most effective way for improving the quality of product and services. It's not too far fetched to say that the management techniques represent the pinnacle of corporate governance. If implemented correctly, the technique...

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5 Proven Techniques of Effective Project Resource Management

    Project managers need to develop effective resource planning strategies. This is important to ensure project success. Without effective resource management, a project can't come to a successful closure meeting the budget, time, and customer requirements. Managing the resources...

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3 Tips to Master Project Information Management

  Information management is important when it comes to managing projects. However, many project managers find the simple process of managing information quite daunting. This is due to the sheer quantity of information that they have to process every day....

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