5 Ways Project Managers Can Do More by Doing Less

  Managing a project and steering it through different obstacles in an ever-changing business environment is certainly challenging. On top of that, project managers are burdened by a lot of meetings, emails, and deadlines. However, you can make things easier...

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4 Ways IoT Can Affect Project Management

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest buzzword in the corporate world. The hype behind the technological innovation is not just relevant to electronic devices. The connected internet enabled-devices will have far-reaching consequences, changing the way a...

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5 Tips to Patch Up the Productivity Hole

  One of the main goals of a project manager is to ensure that the project team works with increased productivity. This does not mean that the team works with remarkable efficiency. Instead, being productive means working on the right...

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What is the Difference Between Six Sigma Black and Green Belt Training?

  Six Sigma is a methodology that focuses on attaining near perfect quality thorough minimizing wastages. Trained professionals hold different levels of certification. Two common classifications include a green and black belt. In this post, you will learn about the...

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The Use of AI Bots in Project Management

  Artificial intelligence has been in the news lately. There are some doomsayers who predict that AI will one day replace humans in offices. But the reality is that the technology will do more good than harm to us, humans....

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Project Management 101 – 4 Tips to Make Data Analytics Work for You

  Project managers can use data analytics to make more informed decisions. They can make use of data analytics to handle complex projects. The activity helps project managers go beyond just collecting data and monitoring tasks. They can use the...

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