Discover the Secretes to Project Crisis Management

    Even when you have a clear vision and have utilized effective project management approaches sometimes crisis happen. How you handle the crisis can make the difference between project success and failure. Here are five tips that can help...

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Why Project Controls are Important for Effective Project Management?

    No project will succeed without any control and monitoring. The need for project control cannot be emphasized enough. If you are a project manager, you need to select the right project controls that results in effective outcome of...

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5 Effective Change Management Tips for Project Managers

    Project managers have to constantly face and adapt to changes that have an impact on the project. Customer requirements may change, external vendors may exert increasing influence, or an unexpected event may create project delays. Project managers should...

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How to be a good project manager

  As a new project manager, there are a ton of challenges you are going to face moving ahead. Gone are the days when you just had to focus on your work and be done with it. Now you are...

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What Project Should Managers Know About Big Data Analysis?

  If you want to build a solid foundation in the field of project management, you should know about big data. Today, big data is the buzzword that is shaping the future of many industries. From finance, health, technology, education...

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Why Micromanagement Leads to Project Failure?

  Do you have the habit of micromanaging the projects? If so, you should consider changing your approach to project management. This is not just optional. It is imperative that you change your style of managing as it contributes to...

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