The Difference Between Project Management and Task Management Software

The difference between a project and a task is generally self-explanatory, but people often tend to confuse the two. The issue persists across project management and task management software as well, where the two are considered to be one and the same. However, there are several features that help distinguish projects from tasks and the software that is used to manage them.

Projects vs. Tasks

When distinguishing between projects and tasks, one can consider a project to be a collection of tasks that are carried out to achieve a particular objective. Projects also have a start and end date and consist of milestones. A task is a single unit of work. Like projects, tasks also have a deadline. Tasks can also be broken down into subtasks that also have a starting and ending date.

Projects usually have a number of people involved, whereas a task is usually assigned to a single person. Finally, projects extend over a much longer period. A task should typically get completed within a few days or a week, at best.

Project Management Software vs. Task Management Software

There are several differences between a project management software and a task management software. These include:

The Purpose

Project and task management software differ primarily in purpose. A typical task management software will help organize your work a little better. You can keep your to-do lists in one place. Project management software is meant to coordinate your projects. It is based on project planning and collaboration.

Speed and Complexity

Task management software can be easier to use than project management software. It’s much smaller than a project management software and may be faster. Project management software offers a lot more depth and complexity. 

Instead of to-do lists, you’ll be able to use this software to assign tasks and coordinate with team members regarding task execution. Project management software can also be used to keep track of project progress and help provide insight into project metrics. Overall, it is a lot more sophisticated than simple task management software.

Arrangement of Tasks

Task management software will feature independent tasks. It can be used to execute tasks that do not depend on each other.

Project management software arranges tasks on the basis of their interdependency. Interdependent tasks are generally the crux of project management as well and the software is built along the same liens. It links activities and also provides estimate times for each task, thus helping you build a project schedule.

What Should You Consider?

When it comes to project management software vs. task management software, the scope of your work is the final determinant. If you are working on a very small project, then you may be able to settle for task management software.

The best project management software, however, can also work as task management software. It offers all the features that come with task management software. This means that instead of investing in two different things, you can simply use one software for multiple purposes.