Capitalism for yer heart!

As a tech entrepreneur, or indeed a closet capitalist, sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’re contributing in any way to the greater good.For me personally, it was only when I started involving myself and my organisation in worthy causes did I actually become passionate about our capacity to assist the greater good. We recently provided software for an African ministry, which was the most rewarding contribution I’ve ever made.So this week, I thought I’d take a look at current happenings on the entrepreneurial-environmentalist front. As it turns out, making money and saving the planet are not mutually exclusive.1. Transport. Oooooh! Brammo’s Enertia Electric motorcycle is destined to be the next Vespa, with decidedly sexy lines that hark back to old-school two wheelers. Just stick your tongue on the fuel cap to see if there’s charge!2. Wood. Step one: write furious letters requesting environmental action to your local MP. Step two, plant your expired Haatar pencil, the one with the seed-embedded butt.3. Energy. The worlds largest solar farm, to be built in California, will service 21,000 homes. You know, Australia shares a liberal heritage with its west-coast US cousins, not to mention millions of hectares of sun-drenched desert. Why don’t we have the largest solar farm?4. Water. The environmentalist, Queensland scientist Dr Ian Edmonds has this idea to solve the water crisis: Using the East Australian current, float cargo-ship sized plastic membranes filled with fresh water down to Brisbane and Sydney. Just watch she doesn’t snag on the reef, guys!5. ???? For some delightful environmentalist schtick, take a look at this fantastic video. I won’t give away the plot, just watch.Credit to (a great environmental blog).

– Ben Prendergast