The Use of AI Bots in Project Management


Artificial intelligence has been in the news lately. There are some doomsayers who predict that AI will one day replace humans in offices. But the reality is that the technology will do more good than harm to us, humans.

AI technologies are expected to improve the way we carry on tasks. While it’s at a nascent stage at the moment, the technology has the potential to radically change the way things are done.

One recent report from Gartner had predicted that AI will become ingrained in the workforce by the year 2021. In this article we will take a look at how AI can make project management more efficient and effective resulting in increased project success.

1. Data Analysis

AI bots can sift through large volume of data to help project managers make informed decisions. They can analyze data from different sources, identify relevant data, and present them to a project manager for improved decision making. The AI can present data analysis information in the form of a report. They can create automatic status reports thereby reducing the need for performance review meetings.

2. Help in Collaboration

Another way AI bots can make project management effective is through increased collaboration. They can add context to collaboration and reduce inefficiencies related to project management. The bots can be programmed to monitor tasks assigned using online work management software. They can be programmed to scrape out inefficiencies and report obstacles that can prevent timely completion of tasks.

For example, an AI Bot named Meekan boasts of an advanced AI that can help set up a meeting by matching time and availability of each employee. It can also suggest the best time for the meeting. The bot will automatically sync the new task to Office 365, Google, and online calendar. There is no need to manually email to inform team members about the meeting as the AI bot will take care of the task.

3. Assist with Estimates and Budgeting

AI bots can also help project managers in creating estimates and budgeting. The bots can help narrow the project manager in budgeting, estimating and sprint management. The AI bot will track the progress of the team and compare with the budgeted cost. In this way you can spend less time in tracking progress and more time in strategic aspects of project management.

4. Provide Support to Employees

AI bots can also help employees by providing them relevant information regarding a project. The bot can be taught important instructions that need to be communicated to the entire team. In this way, employees don’t need to contact project manager when they have confusion. They can ask the AI bot about relevant information anytime they want.

In this article, we have provided a glimpse into the future of AI project management. Instead of replacing jobs, AI will make tasks easier for employees. They will assist and help in improved collaboration and teamwork resulting in efficient processes.