Using Work Management Software for Lean Project Management

Lean management was coined by a team of researchers at MIT for Toyota’s business practice during the late 1980s. The main principle of lean management is to create more value and minimize waste. The principle refers to planning and executing lean processes. 

Management can apply lean project management by using online work management software. Here are some of the ways in which using a cloud-based project management can help in making the processes lean, efficient, and cost effective.

1. Visualize the Tasks

An online work management software can help in visualizing the current work process. It can help the project managers to get an overview of the current work practices. Visualizing the work process using the project management application will help in improving the process that will result in greater productivity. 

2. Improved Time Tracking

The best online task management software comes with time tracking feature. The project manager can monitor the time spent on the tasks. This will help the manager to efficiently schedule the tasks resulting in minimum wastages.

3. Get More Done in Less Time

A lot of time is lost in communicating tasks to the employees. Whether the tasks are assigned through e-mail or face-to-face, traditional communication methods result in time wastage. With online project management software, there is no need to individually assign the tasks. Every employee will know about the assigned tasks along with the deadline by accessing the online project management software. 

4. Real Time Collaboration

Online project management allows real-time collaboration between the team members. They can share their opinions and get instant feedback regarding the completed tasks. This can help ensure an efficient process and fewer wastages during the execution phase of the project. The best thing about online software is that the employees can connect remotely using an internet enabled device. The project manager will know the exact status of the remote workers and take appropriate actions.

5. Analyze Project Performance

Project managers can view project reports to know about potential bottlenecks in the workflow. It can help in the effective scheduling of tasks that will result in timely completion of the project. The project manager can know about the deadlines with the calendar view. In short, a project management software provides an improved overview of the projects that helps in effective management of the resources. 

6. Integration with 3rd Party Apps

Online project management software can be modified to suit the exact requirements of the company. Companies can use the API to seamlessly connect with hosted application. Also, online project management can be integrated with accounting application such as Xero that allows automatic transfer of accounting related data. This saves time and reduces errors in case of manual entry thereby increasing the integrity of the project related financial data. 

Committing to lean management can pay dividends to the company due to reduced wastages and improved productivity. Project management software can help in making the internal process lean and efficient. The project manager can collaborate and brainstorm with the team members to ensure timely completion of the project. The team can identify and communicate solutions that can result in effective project delivery.