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The 21st century has experienced a meteoric rate of technological advancements. Today, technologies are being developed that will allow work process to continue without any human intervention. We are catapulting to a new era where artificial intelligence (AI) is equated with superior intelligence.

Project managers should proactively adapt to the upcoming disruption that will be brought by the AI. A study that was published by Citi had concluded that working professionals need to retrain and invest in education to better handle the change that will be provided by AI and automation.

In the next ten years or so, AI is expected to greatly impact different aspects of the project management. Here are four ways AI is expected to reshape the business environment in the future.

1. Manufacturing and Operations

AI is going to have the largest impact in project management in the manufacturing and operations. Some of the changes are already taking place in certain sectors. For instance, BP plc augments the human skills using AI when drilling for oil. The aim is to gain increased operational efficiencies.

The AI takes data from the drilling system and then advises the engineers on how to adjust the parameters. It also alerts them of potential risks that can create cost overruns later down the road. Moreover, it allows automation of the root-cause failure allowing the system to train itself over time.

2. Finding Information Gaps

AI can also help in finding the information gaps. It allows managers to interpret data that has been software through different sources. The AI system can identify the gap and provides a solution to fulfill the gap.

3. Project Understanding

AI can also help in project understanding. AI software can allow assessment of the project goals. Project managers will know the exact actuals, estimates, budgets, and sprints. They can expand their understanding of the project that helps in making effective metrics to gauge project team performance. This will help in the discovery of new metrics including learning, performance, effort, and change.

The AI will know what changes are made to the project plan. This will help in generation of real indicators that can help assess both project and team performance.

4. Reduced Employee Workload

AI can also help in reducing the workload of the employees. It can be used to perform IT administration, verification, and business operation tasks. With AI, project managers can assign more complex tasks to the team.

The emerging importance AI in project management cannot be denied. Project managers need to upgrade their knowledge and become prepared to adopt to change brought about by AI. The AI will not replace traditional collaboration software. Rather, it will complement existing work management software that will lead to better employee and process management.