Team Player And The Lone Ranger – How To Bring These Two Types Of Workers Together


Members of the same team will have different characteristics that one may have to work within a project. Some of them are team players in that they are efficient and outspoken and there are those who are referred to as lone rangers. These are the types of people who are smart, but never like to interact with other people. The question is whether it is possible to bring these two types of workers together. The answer is YES.

Here is how to do that:

• The first thing that you need to do is analyze the strengths and differences of the two types of workers and then put them in a project together. To make the loner feel appreciated, make him the team leader of a project that is of an area that he is most interested in. This will make him communicate and relate with all the team members. It will also bring out his strongest personality which will be a plus for the project.

• The lone ranger rarely communicates and you want him to. To ensure this, ask him relevant questions during meetings, questions that concern the project work. However, do not make it obvious that you simply want him to talk. Ask him to share his ideas about the project and this will enable him to work effectively with the other members who are team players as they will deliberate on the ideas presented and implement them as well.

• Reward the team members for their hard work either during small successes during the work or after the project has been completed. Invite them for an office party and gathering. You can also take the team out for lunch or organize an activity that will temporarily take their minds off the project as a show of gratitude. The lone ranger may be as well be compelled to talk and interact with the other team players.

• Another important method is to acknowledge that he is a loner and let him know that you accept and you are okay with it. He will feel accepted and will be comfortable at work. Inform the other team players as well so that a good understanding is fostered between the members. This is to enable them to know each other’s characters so as to know how to handle each other. Conflicts and disputes will also be avoided between different members of the team if such an understanding is successfully reached.

• Always emphasize the importance of team work to all the team members. This will ensure that the loner tries to relate with the other member for the sake of the project and this will bring him closer to the other team players. Encouraging and reminding the members of the importance of team work also enables them not to lose focus on the projects aims. The team workers, both the lone ranger and the team player will have an easy time working in the project.