Project Management Software in 2008

Apologies in advance for the long winded rant, but heres an update for the first quarter of 2008!

This year has already started strongly for us, we’ve been steadily working on new minor features and bug fixes, and the latest version is our best to date. I just wanted to post here and let you all know that we’re looking to move ahead with a few special initiatives this year, in order to further bolster our customer base and continue to be a step ahead of the competition, and if you can be involved that would be great.

We’re underway with the specification of the new Copper version (Likely to be our 4.0 release), and quite surprisingly the spec doc is down to only two pages. Admittedly this is two pages of bullet-point features (not the War and Peace specs you might expect) however normally we’d have 20 or so pages of requests/spec for each new version. This tells me the product and our philosophy for ultra simple project management is maturing nicely.

We’re also going to be introducing a new ‘Inner Circle’ program, whereby we call on customers who’ve expressed interest in industry-specific versions of Copper to pre-order a license and become involved in that development process. This model of customer-investors has worked really well for us in the past, and is responsible for some of the best features in the Corporate and Enterprise products we currently offer. This time around we have 5-6 industries or verticals that we’re keen to build custom Copper Enterprise products. At this stage these include: Product Development, Film/TV/Music Production, Worship, Architecture, Design, and Event Management.

In exchange for the pre-purchase of a license (POA) we work with the Inner Circle to specify and build out new features. Its a share the wealth type deal that works really well. If you have a desire to participate on this level please email me at

That’s all for now, but thanks again for all your support, 2008 is the year we really push Copper out into the stratosphere.

– Ben Prendergast