Most Needed Functions of Project Management Software

Before you start your search of the project management software that will suit your needs, you need to consider many things. You must considerer for what purpose do you need project management software. For example, a business organization may need it for tracking time and tasks or for collaboration in documents. You may also need it for mapping out your project plans and schedules, or you might need it to discuss issues.
Naturally, your needs are often depended on your projects, your team and how the business organization approach project management.
When you’re searching for what would best suit the needs of your project manager and team members, it’s important to understand that there are some common and very important functions that good project management software should have. These functions are simply a “must have” for any project management tool to meet your project needs.

Functions of good project management software

Project planning

Any project management software must have the function to map out the tasks of the project. It must also show the project leader how project’s tasks are connected. This level of planning gives you a better understanding on how you’re supposed to schedule projects and what path you’ll be using to access and allocate the resources. Generally, planning a project starts by breaking down all tasks that should be completed followed by assigning such tasks to team members, and identifying responsible resources. It also involves an estimation of time for start and completion of each project.
Project management software helps you with creating a relationship between the dependent tasks. For instance, it’s supposed to specify what task is to be completed before the other one begins.

Keeps a track of all deadlines

Team members should know exactly how much time each task is allocated for them to complete the project successfully within the stipulated time. You should consider that project management tool which allows you to track time, and also get to know what is still remaining that needs to be done. By ensuring that every minute of your work counts, these tools help in improving your efficiency.
Once you’ve created a new task and allocated it to your team member, a project management tool will take care of it from there and you don’t have to spend any more time or effort on it again. The project management tool will send reminders and notifications to team members about their remaining tasks. In that way, it’ll be keeping a track of all deadlines.

Task management

The most important needed functions in project management software are its ability to define tasks, assign them to team members, approximate hours for completion and set deadlines. You should look for a project management tool that will offer exceptional functionality for your team members not only in defining and allocating tasks, but also in setting deadlines.

Making invoices

As expected, the next step after the completion of a project is creating an invoice for the same. Another important needed function in project management software is its ability to help you with making invoices, not through spreadsheets or copying and calculating figures, but through the data available in the project. Using this data, a project management tool will simply pick the tasks and the total time spent, and then fills all the extra expenses. After which, your work is to click on generate and then send the invoice.