How Can E2E Project Management Ensure Successful Project Delivery?


End-to-end (E2E) is a project management approach can guide a project manager to project success. The project management approach can help ensure quality project outcome. It is particularly suitable in today’s competitive market scenario where there is additional pressure to meet the target of high quality and low price.

In this article, we will shed light on the E2E project management approach. Also, you will learn how the approach to managing projects can help in quality project outcomes.

An Overview of the End-to-End Project Delivery Method

The E2E project management approach guides a project manager from conceptualization of the project to the project delivery. The project management approach involves looking at projects as separates instead of an ongoing activity.

A project team defines the objectives and goals of the project, determine the success criteria, and assign roles and responsibilities. Also, quality control checks are set to ensure that the components meet the specified criteria and standards.

Project monitoring and recommendations are required to ensure that the project completes successfully within budget and time. The organization and planning are done to move from a specific task and event to completion. PERT and Gantt charts are used in E2E project management to determine the tasks that need to be completed by a specific department. The approach ensures delivery of value across the spectrum of project management activities including project workflow design, collaboration, data processing, and infrastructure management.

E2E project management consists of a predetermined cycle. A typical project consists of the following phases.

  • Initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Controlling
  • Closing

Each of the phases is treated separately. The expectations are actively managed and the objectives documented and communicated to the entire project team.

Suitability of E2E Project Management Approach

The E2E project management approach is suitable for construction and engineering projects. They are suitable for a large complex project that needs to be completed in set order. The project monument approach requires creating a workflow and using a work management software to assign tasks to the team.

E2E project management approach ensures that the costs are minimized. It ensures maximum flexibility making it suitable for service diverse business processes including software development, IT training and development.


E2E project management ensures that the project objectives are met from the start to the end. The approach treats projects as separate. Also, the aim of the approach is to ensure that the project gets completed within the specified time while fulfilling all the criteria.

The project monument approach is not for every project. The approach is suitable for large projects with different stakeholders. When executed well, the E2E project magneton approach can result in delivering value while minimizing latency. The end result will be successful project outcome that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders.