How to spend $100 on the guy who has everything

On my wife’s side of the family we do this Kris Kringle type deal each Christmas, where you pull a name from a hat and spend $100 on that person. Being the kind of guy that doesn’t really wait for Christmas before buying that must-have accessory, my annual gift is usually marked “Dear Impossibloke, buy less stuff next year mkay? Love Kris Kringle”. This year however we’re nominating some gifts (kind of like a gift exchange program, I don’t know why we don’t just buy ourselves a $100 gift each year, but I digress).

Admittedly I thought this would be a difficult undertaking, but sure enough Google was quick to direct me to 10 gifts that would sate my little scientist. If you know someone like me, or me, buy us one of these.

1. A Polar RS100 Heart Rate monitor – For those who like to measure pain incrementally.

2. FIFA 08 for xbox360/ps3/wii (NOT FIFA 2007, FIFA 08! There’s a difference) for when your thumbs need a workout.

3. Armani Attitude Pour Homme mens cologne – Via, Another great fragrance from Armani.

4. Black Leather driving gloves- The one thing I couldn’t find anywhere on the web. Little Help?

5. Kenneth Cole Watch

6. An Eco Sphere – Seamonkeys for big boys

7. An Ebay BMX
That’s right, every good boy deserves an old school mongoose, complete with padding and optional spokey dokeys. Seriously though, all blokes should have a knock-around bike, even if just to “ghosty” into the christmas tree

8. A sadistic looking knife-block (We have these knives, they’re actually really good).

9. An alarm clock with an anti-snooze facility (read: it runs away)

10. A SOG multi-tool (Insert satisfied male grunt here)
For when you absolutely, positively have to cut/saw/squeeze/measure/pinch/poke/open/repair/kill something.

– Ben Prendergast