The Obstacles to Team Building in a Project

Team management is a crucial part of a project. A project can only run successfully if there is an efficient team onboard.  The project manager lies at the center of any team. This individual is required to plan the project, assign resources, allocate resources and then lead and motivate their team to complete the project.

However, team building and team management is often the most difficult part of a project. This is why a project manager is required to have more than analytical skills. They must also possess organizational skills that help them tackle the obstacles faced in a project. Some of these include:

Lack of Clarity on Project Objectives

Unclear project objectives are often the biggest obstacle to team building. A project manager must define the goal and scope of a project on the onset of the project. He must also communicate this information to the team. A team that has clarity regarding the project scope and project plan can become empowered. They can take initiatives on their own and troubleshoot tasks. They can also decide how to prioritize tasks.

Not Using Team Management Software

The use of team management software has also been shown to facilitate team building. Team management software can improve the flow of information between teams. It allows for better collaboration and decision making. Team management software also facilitates remote working for teams.

Communication issues between teams often extend to the client as well. Teams that keep their clients in the dark regarding project progress and do not consult the client are likely to face problems when the project completes.

Changes in the Environment

Project environments are not static. They change on a continuous basis. Often project teams are notified that the scope and objective of a project have been changed halfway. This is naturally disruptive for team members as they must align themselves with the new scope and objective and work accordingly.

If a project changes in scope after some significant progress had already been made then this can be very discouraging for the team personnel. Such teams may be hard to motivate later. Approval and support from the senior management are therefore very important.

Internal Conflicts and Competition Between Team Personnel

Competition is the opposite of teamwork. Team personnel that is more focused on their personal goals and prioritize personal achievements over team achievements are detrimental to team building efforts.

Role conflicts may also exist. A team with an indefinite structure is also likely to see more competition. This is because there is no set system of hierarchy in these teams which can propel team personnel to compete for leadership positions.

To Sum It Up

There are several obstacles to team building in a project. Besides trying to resolve team conflicts and implementing the use of team management software, a project manager must also be able to establish their personal credibility. Unless your team does not see you as their leader, all team building efforts will remain inconsequential.