Types of Teams in Project Management & How to Encourage Teamwork

It is not easy to lead a team of experts to achieve a common project objective. No matter how small the project management team is, experienced PMs know that it takes much effort to keep everyone in line without offending...

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Discover the 9 Different Types of Management in Business

Business management (BM) is the act of controlling the goings-on of a business to meet its objectives using the available resources. BM focuses on different company components, such as finance, operations, customers, marketing, IT strategies, etc. Different types of business...

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Understanding the 7 Methodologies in Project Management

Project management is the act of leading a team to achieve target goals within a particular timeframe. The professionals who manage projects are known as project managers. Project management methodologies are necessary for many fields, such as education, healthcare, business...

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Understanding the Various Types of Projects

A Project is any task or activity conducted by a person or group within a given period to meet specific objectives. Projects matter, not only to the project manager but everyone. We all encounter different types of projects in our...

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Preparing for Post-Corona Job Opportunities with a PMP Certification: Tips to ace Your PMP Exams

The main aim of Project Management Professional exams is to ensure we have qualified managers. And we will need many of those as soon as the world cures COVID-19. Since Corona was announced as a global pandemic, project managers have...

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Why The Millennial Workforce is holding the Key to Your Success

The millennial workforce also referred to as Generation Y, or just Gen Y is the demographic grouping following Generation X and preceding Generation Z. The specialist uses the early 1980s as starting birth and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as...

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