Five Leading PMP Certification Sites to Start Your Project Management Career

Project management training sites are online platforms that provide learners with knowledge and skills in project leadership and governance at the time and place of their convenience.

PMs play a major role that’s why their authenticity must be scrutinized and validated, and this is where certification bodies come in.

Recognition of a project manager as a PMP offers them a number of benefits. For instance, fighting off competition from other experts.  It enables one to link with others and exposes them to lots of resources soon after they’ve wrapped a course.

Certification presents you as a professional and makes you stand out. In addition, it spices up your job portfolio making it attractive and promising.

Why Project Training & Certification Sites Matter

project management

The aim of any project, however small or big, is to bring some kind of socio-economic benefits to society.

After incurring costs, gathering resources, and spending lots of time to make things happen, the least all stakeholders expect is to see things go south and come to a halt without achieving the project target. And the project manager is charged with the duty to ensure things go as planned

But that can only work well if you have adequate project management knowledge and skills to plan activities and lead a team to achieve a common goal as per a client’s request.

A PMP certification equips you with all the skills you need to drive schemes from scratch to finish. Once a project site is accredited, it offers an ongoing learning program for aspiring scholars looking to be project managers who want the educational experience to gain an edge in the job market.

The 5 Leading Websites for a PMP Certificate

Here is a list of the 4 best websites any aspiring scholar can earn a valid PMP certificate.

  1.  PMaspire

PMaspire is an online platform that enables PMs in not less than 100 nations and is made available in 7 languages globally which are French, German, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese. PMaspire gives you lots of Project Management Professional learning gears that will make your study more ideal. They give many exercises that will familiarize you with the PMP exam. With this, you adequately pass your test. You can as well be a self-learner by preparing for small exam tests. Who knows if this may be your source of excellence.

  1.  The Junior Project Manager

This is a media link from Berlin-based Blendlee Learning Technologies UG. It provides online learning programs in a special way: whereby a PM shares his life history to students while passing across major project management ideas and approaches. Here, there is also the use of animation videos to give learners a clear picture of real-world PMP clues.

  1.  Master of Project Academy

It was started 8 years ago and has since instructed over 50,000 learners in more than 160 nations worldwide. The aim of the master of project academy is to offer the best courses at affordable prices for experts who may want to improve their careers at their convenience.

Courses offered by Master of Project Academy include Information Technology, Project Governance, Certified Associate in Project-based planning, Quality Management, Microsoft Project, and Agile Project Management.

  1.  4 Digs

PMstudy arranges for the following online courses: exam prep, certification, and Earned value management professional training. It assures project managers of not less than a 99% pass rate upon failure and then be sure of money payback at the end of the training period. 4 PM digs down deep into the problems faced by experts and makes them their concerns thus comes up with solution ideas.  Methods of teaching include lots of tests, videos, mobile applications study guides, and simulations

  1.  Project Management Academy

This is a certified learning platform that began ten years ago. It assures project leaders the following: about 100% pass rate shorter training period of about 4 days, a repayment, and a conducive learning web. Project Management Academy offers the following courses; PDUs and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification training. Senior executives also get a chance to boost their skills and experience through a Master’s Certificate in Advanced Project Governance.

 Bottom line

A project management course is an excellent place to start your career. Try the above course providers depending on your needs and budget.