Woah! In the last week we’ve seen a plethora (a PLETHORA!!) of online activity around the iPhone release, which occurs Saturday morning (our time) in the US. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting tidbits. 1. Apple...

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Be a little scientist

When I was a kid I was called the Little Scientist. I suppose I just liked tinkering with things, making them that little bit better/faster or just more appropriate for my requirements. More than a handful of broken Christmas presents...

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Apple iPhone, holy grail or false prophet?

And so it was on Tuesday that Jobs descended from Mt Cupertino and delivered to the faithful the much coveted iPhone. A product somewhat smaller than Moses’s tablets of 4000 years before, but nevertheless a device poised to deliver a...

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Mellifluous May

Well I’m feeling a little guilty here, I’ve been hard at work keeping new features flowing but clearly you’re needing some love in your inbox, so here it is.The last few months have been among our strongest on record (thanks...

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Element @ Apple

You know, it’s not every day someone publishes your mug on their webiste, let alone the Apple site, and with a company review no less. Click here to see the article: Thanks especially to the Apple retouchers for some...

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March Musings

1. All New Standard 2007, $29/mth 2. New Enterprise Update 3. 20% off licenses until the end of March NEW STANDARD 2007 EDITION ($29/MTH) We’re really excited about this release. Our survey uncovered a hidden user-group, those that have less...

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