Our Project Management Software Manifesto, now 40% less preachy!

Just kidding, it’s still a little preachy, but read on if you’d like to know more about how we’re steering our little ship toward the big seas and how we’d like you on board (paddling, or bailing water, or as...

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Copper Project: Enterprise Inner Circle Program 2008

It’s on again, we’re looking for a group of customers or prospective customers to come on board as an Inner Circle partner. The way it works is this: We accept a group of customers into our development process for the...

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Project Management Software in 2008

Apologies in advance for the long winded rant, but heres an update for the first quarter of 2008! This year has already started strongly for us, we’ve been steadily working on new minor features and bug fixes, and the latest...

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Facebook sorry, Hulu the future?, New Airline Tech, 10 rules for startup success, Tetris iMaxMaxMax

Facebook Apologises Facebook’s Beacon advertising model has drawn the ire of privacy campaigners since its announcement last month. The controversial Ad model, which effectively enables facebook users to share their web activities with friends and thereby give advertisers another viral...

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More gadgets for Christmas.

I had so much fun browser-window-shopping last week I thought I’d follow up with ten more favourites.This time, they may not fit under your tree or within your budget, but here goes: 1. Dreamcade Arcade Cabinet: Sate your inner...

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How to spend $100 on the guy who has everything

On my wife’s side of the family we do this Kris Kringle type deal each Christmas, where you pull a name from a hat and spend $100 on that person. Being the kind of guy that doesn’t really wait for...

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