New Version Out Now, v4.4!

We’ve just dropped v4.3.3, which includes a of new tweaks and a new features. In fact, since our last email, here are the things which have been added to Copper in a few short months, and more is on the way!
– Great new Budgets tab in Projects, with handy chart showing project budget progress, and timeline of invoicing. Plus! CSV export for import into Quickbooks/MYOB
– Billing is now ready for integration with Xero and Freshbooks.
– Great new task drag and drop in project breakdown view makes it super easy to reorder, and create subtasks.
– Refinements to Time and Comment Entries (via 3 ways, in stopwatch timer, in task view, and in the To Do view)
– Improved embedded URLs across Copper allowing easy linking to external assets and other web apps.
– Improvements to special character rendering for multiple languages (Copper is now available in 5 languages, and is ready for easy translation).
– Added ability to turn off Relative Dates,
– Fixed bugs that annoyed Ben and the rest of the Copper Family.
– Added our fantastic new Copper Logo and Favourite Icon.
– Added Help Links to the menu, and debug code for better diagnosis and Support
Want to see more? Great! Provide your feedback here in the community.
If you’re a customer and would like to be a beta tester for new features, please let us know via

We’ve just dropped v4.4 which contains a number of key changes under the hood, and some handy new features and fixes. Hosted customers will already see this build as current, and self-hosted license customers will receive notification when this build is ready to download.

So, we’re almost at the point where we have Copper ready for some key changes to make everyone’s lives easier! On the slate is an overhaul of Resourcing, the Gantt Timeline, File uploads, Rates management, and integration with Xero and Freshbooks. Its a great time to get on board and help our bank balance achieve these things!

Please keep your comments and kind words coming via the Community and we’ll keep bringing the goodness! New this version:

– New Alerts system, allowing use to keep you informed of new features and upcoming events.
– New Auto db update system, now we can roll db updates that Copper recognizes and executes automatically.
– New Recent Items in Clients, Reports, ToDos, makes it easier to go back to something you were working on in that area.
– Improvements to MS Project Import, now imports dependencies!
– Improvements to Reports layout and saving.
– Improvements to Budgets tab, to allow for addition of Purchase Items you can add to your invoices/quotes
– Centralized uploaded logo, header, home, invoice, quote assets.
– Improvements to Work Analysis (Timesheets) and Project Analysis reports
– Improvements to file/folder drag and drop (beta, keep us posted on this one)
– Improvements to MYOB export in Reports
– Bug fixes for reports, IE users, Mini Calendar Selector

If you’re a customer and would like to be a beta tester for new features as they first become available, please let us know via