New Copper Project Site. At last!

So, here you have it, the new Copper website. You don’t need to know much about it, other than it was created with much love, care, and tenderness, and took about six months longer than it should have! And if I’m being honest, will be subjected to another six months of tweaking, to make sure that prospective copper-ites can find information on what Copper is about, and existing copper-ites can get tooled up on using Copper to its full potential.

So whats’s new? Well firstly we’ve finally created a series of tour videos that give a great rundown of what Copper can do for you, so make sure you watch all of those. We’ve also separated out the more detailed tutorials into a new Help section that will definitely be refined and shaped as we find out how people are using it and what they’re missing. We’ve tweaked our Free Trial and Buy pages, and everything else has had a clean up.

Noticed the new logo? As simple as it looks weagonizedfor weeks, and I’m sure the very talented Lee Wong could give you her detailed notes on how the new Copper logo represents the very best web-based Project Management Tool if you asked her.

Wow it doesn’t really feel like we did that much at all, but behind the scenes theres quite a bit happening to ensure that our customer information is tracked and managed more efficiently, so whether you’re just wanting to kick a few tyres, or you’re a died-in-the-wool Copper champion, we’re ready to help you as best we can.

But please, go forth, use the site, break it, romanticize about little changes, tell us about said changes, explore, grow, regale your friends with merriment. Because if we’re not growing, we’re dying.Deep, exponential ponderings, yes. But true all the same.

Love, Team Copper.