New Standard v4, Single Codebase, Changelog.

We’re excited to announce that all of our plans are now under a single build, for the first time in Copper history! This means that from our Standard product at $29/mth, you now have access to the web’s best project...

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Follow us on Twitter!

Follow us on Twitter for updates, new releases, and other Copper news. Click here: @copperproject – Ben Prendergast

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We’re Hiring! Talented PHP/MySQL/CSS/AJAX Developer Wanted

First released in 2002 by Australian-based Element Software, Copper is a web-based project management software tool used by creative teams across the globe to manage their clients, tasks, projects, contacts and files. With a loyal client base, Copper is utilized...

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Roundup: Solar Panels, Wireless Electricity, Honda Segway, Minimal Cam.

This week I thought I’d blog about some of the tech that’s floating my boat at the moment. Solar Panel Roof Tiles Let’s kick off with this from Springwise: Solar panels build right into roof tiling, just genius, and a...

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How does Copper compare to MS Project?

I received this question today via email, and thought I’d post up my response: Q. How does copper compare to MS project software? Why use copper, what are the costs and how does it work better than MS project? A....

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New features & removing features, let us know!

This week we continue with design and development of the next version, and we’ve also started on a minor update for the current version. However, a few opportunities have come up to simplify the next version by potentially removing features....

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