How to spend $100 on the guy who has everything

On my wife’s side of the family we do this Kris Kringle type deal each Christmas, where you pull a name from a hat and spend $100 on that person. Being the kind of guy that doesn’t really wait for...

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Leopard, more readers online, Facebook Ads, Digg for sale.

News from the IT world doesn’t come any bigger this week, here are some of the top stories: Apple Launches Leopard, no kitten! I won’t review the new features here, other than to say the new version at $150 bux...

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Oink, GoogleNielsen, MicroFace, more

A menagerie of musings this week, if you’ll indulge me: 1. Things heat up in the war on Piracy, Oink in a Sty. Aurgh me matey, or should I say Oink! In certain circles the Oink online file sharing service...

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In Rainbows, and other pots of gold.

18 October 2007 In Rainbows: Hows it doing? Radiohead this week released their online-only record “In Rainbows”, pricing it at US$as-much-as-you-want-to-pay, and subsequently took in an estimated US$9m in sales (average of 4 GBP per download) in its first few...

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Small things, CrossFit, Popurls, etc.

This week I thought I’d take a look at another round of web oddities: 1. Always last to hear of that great new internet site/story/video/drama/fad (if you can’t make it to my blog that is)? Popurls is like a...

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Halo 3 – Parallels with the Film Industry

On Tuesday morning we saw the release of the latest installment of Bungie Lab’s future-war simulation, Halo 3 - Believe. Early sales reports for the title suggest opening day takings of around US$140M which is akin or in most cases...

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