We want you! (2008 Inner Circle Program)

Last week we launched our second annual Enterprise Inner Circle program, aimed at bringing on pre-order customers in order to fund the development of the Copper 4.0 product. We had some great responses, and now having completed our v4.0 specification (including 165 improvements) we need a certain number of participants in order to get started.

The magic number is 30-40. “Hey, that’s two numbers Ben”, I hear you say. “Well spotted old pal”, I retort, “thats because we like to stay zen with our development, and you know this!”. But certainly 30 is the target, and 40 will result in the ultimate awesomeness for Copper.

Here is the offer:

You purchase a Copper Enterprise license ($2999) and receive:

  1. A complementary hosted v3.5 Enterprise account (normally $199/mth) during development (or current server license).
  2. Unlimited users, Unlimited projects. Boom!
  3. Involvement in our v4.0 development (ready to kick off this month)
  4. A guaranteed feature inclusion (you ’sponsor’ a feature from our spec)
  5. The v4.0 Enterprise version when it is released (Est 4-6 months)
  6. Two years of free updates and support
  7. Inclusion in our East/West coast gatherings (June 2008)
  8. One Inner Circle participant will receive an iPhone/iPod Touch. ($500 Value)

As mentioned above, we have a clear cut specification for v4.0, that closely mirrors the key changes requested over the last 3 years, and is going to take Copper another 5 steps forward in terms of efficiency/project visibility.

This offer represents a great opportunity, in fact you could add a zero to the price and still not approach the approximate value here, but ultimately you need to ask yourself; What price the love of a good software?

Pricing and Signup

– Ben Prendergast