Copper Project: Enterprise Inner Circle Program 2008

It’s on again, we’re looking for a group of customers or prospective customers to come on board as an Inner Circle partner.

The way it works is this: We accept a group of customers into our development process for the next version in exchange for a pre-order of that version. We divulge our specification for the next version, and these partners can become involved in the development process, effectively sponsoring a specific feature (ensuring its inclusion in the next version). Each partner receives a hosted version of the beta product, the final version for server installation, and receives two years of free updates.

If you have a feature that you simply must see in Copper 4.0, have a customization budget, or if you have been looking at purchasing or upgrading the Enterprise version anyway, this represents a great deal.

Additionally, this time around we are building industry-specific features or streams. So, on top of the Enterprise 4.0 version, these customers also have the opportunity to assist us in designing great new solutions to specific challenges they face in their vertical.

The nominated industries/streams are:
Advertising & Design
Event & Artist Management
Film & TV
Patient Care
Product & Fashion
Real Estate

So if you’re additionally interested in being part of the industry-specific streams, click here to let me know

– Ben Prendergast