More gadgets for Christmas.

I had so much fun browser-window-shopping last week I thought I’d follow up with ten more favourites.This time, they may not fit under your tree or within your budget, but here goes:

1. Dreamcade Arcade Cabinet:

Sate your inner 8-year old with this baby! Compatible with projectors and most consoles.

2. Star Wars USB flash drives from Mimoco

3. Sphericle Speaker Set

4. The Amazon Kiundle – eBook Reader – The Literal iPod.

5. Another Sadistic Alarm Clock:

Set 7-days worth of specific wake-up times, including which station/buzzer to set off, and an anti-snooze function.

6. A Philips Hi-Res CT Scanner

At this time of year its time to take a look deep-inside ourselves.

7. Noon Solars Solar powered Backpack – Get your geek-on and your gadgets charged.

8. Akai Headrush – Guitar loop/memory pedal, for the digital one man (or woman) band.

9. A hard core macbook metal jacket

For when you’re designing, say, a logo for the Taliban.

10. Christmas night Carols, replete with plasma screen and surround sound.
“Gather round kids, and we’ll play oh come all ye faithful, followed by some Bluray Die Hard!”

– Ben Prendergast