How Online Project Management Software is Suitable for Agile Employees


Virtual offices have completely transformed the corporate operations. It has reduced the productivity costs of organizations by several folds. A stronger agent than capitalism, it has pushed the boundaries of organizational operations to the countries, which have low labor wages. However, it also made employee monitoring and communications difficult for the upper management. The online project management software offered the solution for agile employees by providing the following benefits.

Task Completion and Reporting

Task planning and management is the most time consuming daily activity of the project managers. It takes up to more than 50% of the time to plan and assign the tasks to the employees. Yet after all this effort, the managers cannot confirm the completion of tasks on time. The online project management software provide solutions for task management by automatically assigning the tasks to the employees based on their customized data. The software generates daily work completion reports of individual employees, which helps in task management as well as helps evaluate the productivity of an employee based on their performance, which is otherwise difficult for the employees working on agile basis.

Accessibility and Flexible Communication

Miscommunication may cause errors in project completion. The chances of miscommunication increase when the employees work from virtual offices, miles away from the head office of a company. The online project management software provides easy communication tools and features including equal distribution of information among employees, speedy messages, speedy file transfer, and more. The chances of duplication reduce when the information is equally distributed among all employees and ease task management.

Speedy File Transfer

From heavy files to small files in KBs, the online project management software allows flexible and speedy file transfer service. This helps reduce time consumption and speedy completion of the projects.

Cost Efficiency

The cost of managerial stress in organizations is higher than the perceived cost. The workplace stress costs around $190Bn to the US Healthcare Department, according to Forbes. The cost can be reduced by reducing the work stress on the managers. Online project management software reduces the operational time of managers up to 53%, which helps them focus on creative ways of project completion and maintain a healthy mood within the organization. The online project management software provide a detailed report of the employee performance and eases task management and resource allocation for the managers in agile operations.

Reliability and Security

The companies using the similar server for transferring important company data makes the online project management software more reliable and secure. The employees working from another continent will also use the similar software application for transferring the data, which ensures that the intellectual property of the organization is safe.

The online project management software requires low maintenance cost. Most of the software service providers maintain the software without any additional charges, which makes it a lucrative choice for the inter-organizational and intra-organizational operations.