Why Should Project Managers Let Employees Work Remotely?


Working from home seemed like a fantasy about a decade ago. However, it’s becoming increasingly common today. A lot of companies have adopted practices allowing remote work. And the benefits are clear. It leads to improved employee morale and job satisfaction.

Project managers should seriously consider allowing the employees to work from home. Here are five reasons to embrace remote work approach.

1. Save Time and Money

The foremost benefit of allowing employees to work from home is that it saves the time of the employees in commuting. This allows the employees to dedicate more time to the work. Moreover, remote work allows an employer to save on overhead costs.

Allowing the employees to work remotely will reduce the maintenance and operation costs. The savings will be particularly significant in case of managing a large workforce.

2. Increased Job Satisfaction

Another benefit of allowing remote work is that it will lead to increased job satisfaction. Remote workers are generally happier and satisfied. This is because remote work allows the flexibility and freedom to work anytime that is suitable for the workers.

3. Lower Staff Turnover

Training and recruiting new employees involve costs for the organization. Companies are always looking to reduce employee turnover so that their operations carry on smoothly. Remote work leads to higher job satisfaction. Satisfied workers are less likely to switch jobs. Moreover, remote work generates a positive word-of-mouth that attracts other employees to seek job at the company. This provides greater flexibility for the company in selecting talented workers.

4. Boost Productivity

Remote work results in improved productivity of the employees. One study conducted by Davitt Corporate Partners had found that around 91 percent of employees reported getting more done when they worked remotely. Another study conducted by researchers at Stanford had found that remote workers were found to be 13 percent more productive as compared to workers who worked at the office. This is because there are fewer interruptions and distractions when working from home.

5. Retain Top Talent

A lot of companies are facing difficulty in retaining top performers. A study that was conducted regarding remote work in China had found that high performers were most likely to stay if they were allowed to work remotely. Remote work allows employees to fulfill their family commitments. It also spurs creativity and boosts theproductivity of the top performers that benefits both the employees and the company.

The benefits of remote work are many. Allowing project team to work remotely from home benefits both the employees and the employers. As technologies continue to evolve, new ways of remote work have been made possible. Online project management software allows remote employees to know about their assigned tasks. They can log on to the work management software from anywhere. Using the software offers great convenience to both the remote employees and the project manager.