How to Improve Collaboration Between the PM Team Members?

Every project manager knows about the importance of on-time completion of a project while remaining within a budget. Of the many important factors that are required for successful completion of a project, a collaboration between the PM team members is the most important one.

Collaboration refers to teamwork between employees associated with the project. It is a collaboration that makes possible innovation. Improved collaboration requires greater transparency, a collaborative culture within the organization, and using project management software.  In this article, we will share some of the tips that can help improve collaboration between the team members. 

1. Support from the Top Management

Successful collaboration between the team requires the support of the executives at the top level. When the upper management invests in supporting a collaborative culture, it recreates a collaborative behavior among the employees.  This is made possible by recognizing and rewarding team effort and providing project management tools to the employees.

2. Provide Collaborative Training

Another important way to encourage collaboration between the employees is by offering informal coaching and training to the employees. At Nokia, for instance, the informal coaching begins once an employee joins the company. Informal coaching creates a deeply ingrained cultural norm that encourages collaborative task management between the team members. 

3. Involve the HR Department

The HR department has also a strong role to play in encouraging collaborative behavior among the employees. Two ways in which the HR department can help in building a collaborative culture is by providing support for creating an informal community and offering training that relates to improving collaborative behavior. 

4. Invest in a Cloud Project Management Software

Utilization of online project management software can help in better collaboration between the employees. Cloud project management software allows the remote team to collaborate with each other. The online tool provides a single platform for the employees to collaborate and share valuable tips with each other. 

5. Keep Meetings to a Minimum

While occasional team meetings might be important for improved collaboration, conducting too many meeting can get counterproductive and somewhat irritating. Carrying out frequent meetings add little value to the success of the project. It, in fact, results in negative value as it stifles productivity and motivation of the team members.

One way to cut the need for meetings is by using online task management software that allows real-time collaboration between the employees. For instance, the tool allows them to share information using small text-based or video chats, thereby reducing the need for holding a formal meeting.

The above are just some of the most effective tips that can help in improving collaboration between the team members. When the team collaborates with each other, it will result in speedy closure of the project, minimize risk associated with the project, and contribute to successful project outcome. Focusing on improved collaboration between the employees is not just optional; it is an absolute necessity that will result in successful completion of a project.