How to Create a Winning Project Management Team?

The importance of effective project team management cannot be emphasized enough. Effective team management is directly linked to the outcome of the project. Team building, in essence, is an act of creating an integrated work unit that works diligently to achieve project outcomes.

A project manager should know how to assemble a team consisting of individuals with different expertise and experience, and also transform them into a cohesive unit. Team building in effect is a transformation process of achieving synergy between different contributors with the end aim of achieving team objectives.

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies that can help in creating a winning project management team.

1. Make the Transformation Happen

Project managers should know how to transform a group of individuals with complementary skills into a committed and self-motivated project team. The team should have a common purpose, vision, and performance goals. This requires that the project manager develop an effective accountability and project performance measurement system.

2. Ask the Right Questions

At the end of the day, a project manager should ask the following three questions from each team member.

  • What has been achieved?
  • What is the task that the team member will work on next?
  • What are the provable and obstacles?

The above questions are above for the project manager to find out the performance of the team. The project manager should avoid daily big meetings as it only results in waste time. Instead, the project manager should carry on short stand-ups with individual employees two to three times in a week.

3. Minimize Role Conflicts

A project manager should try to minimize the role conflicts. The conflicts occur when there is no coherent job description. Overlapping roles can also contribute to conflicts. It’s important that the project manager make sure that everyone is clear about the project roles and responsibilities. It requires using an online work management software to assign the tasks to different individuals.

4. Warm and Friendly Atmosphere

The duty of a project manager is not only ensuring discipline and also creating an employee friendly environment. The atmosphere should be motivating and flexible instead of strict. Avoid shaming the employees in case of a mistake. The manager should give freedom to the team members to acquire proficiency by themselves by learning from the mistakes.

5. Focus on Effective Communication

Lastly, a project manager should focus on effective communication between the team members. A team management software or work management software can be helpful in improving communication between the project team members. This can result reduce discontent, improved motivation, and high commitment.

By focusing on effective team building, a project manager will proactively influence the project outcome and performance. The end goal should be to build a cohesive team who work collectively in overcoming project obstacles and pave the way for projects’ success.