How to Select the Best Online Project Management Software

Advancement of technologies has made it easier more than ever to manage project and teams. Just about a decade ago, project managers used a project management software installed in PC. Today, cloud-based work management software has made it easier to collaborate with the employees on the go.

Online project management software has made sharing of ideas and information easier than ever. However, not all online task management software is effective in managing the projects. In this article, we will share with you some effective tips for selecting the best cloud-based project management software. 

1. Easy Adaptation

A good online work management application is easy to use for the employees. There should be a minimum learning curve for each employee in using the software. A project management tool that takes a lot of training won’t result in improved productivity.  That’s why you should look for simple navigation and user-friendly interface when selecting an online project management software. 

2. Value Added Features

Comparing the features is important when selecting an online project management tool. Make sure that the software has the required features that are essential for effective project management. Some of the features that you should look for in a cloud-based project management platform include project and task views, file sharing, calendar, and task timers.

Also, ensure that the project can integrate with a 3rd party accounting software such as Xero. This will allow seamless transfer of accounting related data that will help in improved invoicing and decision making. 

3. Know About the Number of Users

Some online project management software put a limit to the number of users that can access the service at one time, while others do not put any limit to the number of individuals that can use the software at one time. Make sure that the software and the pricing plan that you choose will accommodate the number of users that will use the system.

4. Compare the Cost with the Benefits

When selecting project management software, it’s important to weight the benefit with the costs. Find out whether the productivity benefit in using the tool justifies the cost. The right project management solution will pay for itself in the form of improved collaboration, productivity, and reduced costs for the company. 

5. Sign for a Trial Run

Many times organizations spend a large sum to implement the project management software just to find out that the employees are not able to use the system. As a result, the software is phased out, resulting in financial loss for the company. To avoid this prospect it’s important to sign up for a trial first. This will allow the employees to test the system and provide feedback to the management. It is much better to allow the team to dip their toes first instead of diving headlong into the water.

Cloud-based project management software provides various advantages. However, it’s important to select the right software. The above tips will help you get started in selecting the best online project management software for the company.