Why It’s Important to USE Cloud-Based Project Management Tools

The corporate world has already made the transition to the online platform. The question is: have you also made the switch to online project management software? If not, it is essential that you seriously consider making the move.

Gone are the days when the PM team was confined to desktop work management software. Today, the most efficient way to collaborate is using cloud-based team management software. Using online work management software, the work will be done more efficiently, and deliver much better results.

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of making the transition to online project management software, you will surely change your mind after reading about the benefits mentioned in this article.

1. Manage Team Members Remotely

Online project management software allows project managers to manage remote workers. The increasing popularity of flexible work arrangements means that the project manager has to deal with remote works. Online project management software will make the task of managing the remote employees easier for the project manager. Employees can access the online project management software from anywhere using an internet connective device. This allows improved collaboration and communication between the entire PM team members. 

2. Cost Effective Solution

Another advantage of online project management software is that there is no need for costly hardware, or extra IT personnel to maintain them. The company that provides the online service will take care of maintaining the files. All the files are stored in remote and secured servers.

The online project management software is functional, simple, and easy to maintain. It minimizes the downtime due to installing updates or resolving hardware issues. This results in cost savings for the company that will ultimately lead to improved profitability.

3. Speedy Setup

Another perk of an online project management software is that it is easy to setup. You need to just sign up for the services and start using the software. No need to install the software on the server and each of the employee’s workstation. 

4. Improved Security

Good online project management software features first-rate security. The servers have built-in data recovery features. Moreover, the company that offers the online PM services uses secure servers to hold the files. There is no risk of a virus corrupting the file. All the files are hosted on secure servers in the cloud. In case your system crashes, you can use another PC to access the cloud based project management software and continue the work unhindered. 

5. Integration with 3rd Party Applications

The best thing about online project management software is that they feature integration with a 3rd party software. For instance, you can integrate the so water with Xero to transfer accounts related data. This will help in creating an accurate invoice for the project and ensure up-to-date accounting records.

In brief, online work management software can make the task of the project managers easier. It allows remote employee management, and improved collaboration between the employees. The team can work more efficiently using the online task management tool increasing the odds of a successful delivery of project outcomes.