Is Team Management Software Effective for Reducing Workplace Stress


Workplace stress has damaged the productivity of employees since centuries. It is believed that the workers of Egyptian Great Pyramids were tortured on a daily basis to keep them working. However, the modern organizations devise policies that make organizational environment more comfortable and productive for the employees. These include agile policies, virtual offices, introduction of restrooms, and more. However, the cost of workplace stress still damages the American national economy by $190Bn of healthcare costs.

Team management software can help reduce the workplace stress by several techniques.

Reduction in the Managerial Stress

A Harvard Business research reveals that managers spend an average of 47% of their time in managerial activities. In contrast, employees spend 88% of their time in workplace operations. Managers can improve the usability and consumption of their time by reducing the workload, which increases employee turnover rate. According to the Yerkes-Dodson Model of Stress, people become more productive when they have affordable workload and good mood. The team management software improves the mood of managers by reducing their workload and helping them manage their routine activities in an effective way. The managers, in return, deal with their employees in an effective manner, which helps improve the corporate environment of the organization. A good manager is the strongest tool to convert the loyalty of employees in the benefit of organization.

Equal Distribution of Information

The chances of task duplication are higher when the employees operate from virtual offices. In team management software, the employees receive equal distribution of information, which helps reduce the chances of duplication.

Convenient Accessibility to Files and Documents

The task management software design is based on convenient accessibility to the documents and files. These include storing the files on one server and easily sharing the files without any hassle. The task management software increase employee value by making information accessible to all the employees.

Task Assignment

Task assignment and resource allocation are the most hectic responsibilities of the managers. These are also the key reasons of managerial stress. Effective resource allocation can help increase the productivity of the organization. The task management software reports the employee performances, which can be used to generate employee performance report for providing them training. These techniques are useful for reducing the workplace stress and making each employee more resourceful in the benefit of the organization.

Companies can evaluate the suitability of team management software by considering the benefits. These software applications provide benefits beyond task management including employee retention, reduction in workplace stress, reduction in healthcare costs, improvement in client retention, reduction in employee turnover, and many other benefits. Proper assessment of the benefits of task management software and an implementation plan to assist change management can help improve the benefits of team management software.