New Version 5.2 Beta Launched!

So we have finally started rolling out version 5.2 so if you’re ready to take a trial on the new version please get in touch. All new trials will receive this version.

This version includes:

Further refinements to the UI to improve usability
New drag and drop library for better subtasks and task ordering/hierarchy
Added User avatars to various views to improve pin&pass workflows
Added new home images from Prendergast collection
Added timer icons and checkbox to complete task
Added ’email-to-copper’ functions in readiness for beta
Added ‘filter view’ functions in readiness for beta
Updated Settings area including Roles management overhaul
Fixed Calendar Tab language breakiness
Backend changes to improve efficiencies
And now we move onto adding filters, email-to-copper, and INFOGRPAHICS!

If you have any questions please contact us.