Inspiration, how do you?

Ok, a post from left field. Lets talk about inspiration. I want two sentences from you, but here are a few more from me first.

My life over the last ten years has been predominantly focussed on liaising with creative teams who need our help getting themselves organized (hopefully with Copper). This has given me amazing insight into their creative process. I’ve been privileged to work professionally in the areas of design consultancy, software development, filmmaking, acting, and songwriting. Outside of my professional interests, I’ve traveled every year or so, studied the anthropological design and business nuances of the countries I’ve visited, and whilst at home absorbed all that the vibrant Melbourne art/design/fashion scenes have had to offer (Come visit sometime, I have a couch).

Such activities experientially flow back into the development and marketing of the Copper product and ensures the business and software is responding to the hugely varied cross-section creative types who use our little product. It’s not always easy, however this uniquely positioned lifestyle inspires me because I’m consistently and passionately inquisitive about the creative process, and fascinated in it’s delicious outputs. Often I’m surprised about how and where the best ideas come from, and more importantly, how they are successfully executed (and by whom).

Collective creativity inspires me above all else.

I’m privy to the secrets and processes of some of the worlds best creative teams (hint: they’re not all that different to the ones you and I would use), and have been blessed to be let behind the curtain of leading lights in online commerce, fine art, moving sculpture installations, music, acting, and filmmaking. Outside of these creative endeavours there are customers and friends in other industries such as banking, renewable energy, venue management, education, government and military who also inspire, be it a new way to service customers more humanistically, or a logo design project that costs millions but provides an output that most would seem to be “too simple” (hint: there’s no such thing).

Everyone I’ve ever encountered has had some indirect input into Copper Project, and now that I’ve also been privileged to be part of Copper for over a decade, I’m thankful to every one of you that has opened your head and heart to me and my humble little business.

Creativity, and those that create, inspire my creativity. It’s my own personal big bang (I still don’t fully understand it).

What drives your  inspiration? What tiny victories do you have in your day that get you to those brief glimmers of creative joy?