New Version Out Now v4.6

Hello all!

OK, back on the update trail, and this time it’s a minor update to fix a few bugs.

Hosted customers will already see this build as current, and self-hosted license customers get in touch and we’ll provide the update. New this version!!

– Fixed bugs relating to tasks and projects not having start / end dates in Gantt Timeline
– Major reshuffle of committed / logged etc lines in Gantt and Resource allocator
– Milestone fix in Gantt Timeline
– Invoices task order is now by task sequence order
– When you copy a project, it now goes to the copied project, not the original
– Project export (xml) now exports in task sequence order
– Fixed bug with Recent items in todo showing incorrect template
– ical sync now uses the timezone set in admin settings
– Added Portuguese Language pack
– Background provision for new People module.

Feedback? Please let us know via or via the Community