Mellifluous May

Well I’m feeling a little guilty here, I’ve been hard at work keeping new features flowing but clearly you’re needing some love in your inbox, so here it is.The last few months have been among our strongest on record (thanks to you), and I’d like to thank all who have come on board or continued to show their support!

We’ve been busy building the structures for new features, and have a couple of new products in development that are really going to boil some of your potatoes.
But on to the news!

30 DAY TRIALS A simple request, you wanted more time to review our editions, so we’re now offering full 30 day trials on all our products. Tell your friends one month of efficiency is on us! Sign up here.

NEW ENTERPRISE EDITION REPORTS, RESOURCING The word was past down from our last survey, “build us a report writer!”. So we did. Our new reports module is now in beta, and you can now produce reports relating to clients or projects, or relating to particular resources. You can save these reports for reprodution, export them to CSV, or have them run periodically and be emailed right to your inbox. We’ve also made some changes to resource management widget, and you can now quickly allocate a resource without having to specify the hours they will work on a task These features are now available to our Enterprise customers now so get in touch and we’ll send you the update.

NEW REFERRAL PROGRAM Do you know someone that could use Copper in their business? If so, we’re offering no questions asked referals. If you refer someone to the Copper product and if they purchase either a server license or sign up for a hosted account, you’ll receive a 20% commission (server-license) or once off $25/$50/$100 bonus (Hosted account). No strings.

ELEMENT ON THE RADIO Australian customers might be a fan of the Byte Into IT show on Melbourne’s RRR, as was/is CEO Ben Prendergast, heard here paying his respects to the doyens of the Australian IT media, replete with unabashed self-promotion.

– Ben Prendergast