March Musings

1. All New Standard 2007, $29/mth
2. New Enterprise Update
3. 20% off licenses until the end of March

NEW STANDARD 2007 EDITION ($29/MTH) We’re really excited about this release. Our survey uncovered a hidden user-group, those that have less than ten users, but needed full functionality. Well, we agonized over a free version (truly we did) however this is much better (for you, and our accountants). Starting TODAY we have the Standard 2007 version which includes groups, timesheets, invoicing, budgeting, central files, and basically EVERYTHING in the Corporate version, for $29/mth. Pricing and Signup

NEW ENTERPRISE UPDATE The Enterprise version is now at 3.1 which means a number of those unavoidable pesky bugs have been squashed and we have a really solid product on our hands. The new version now includes a quote function, so you can build up a project timeline and quote to PDF within minutes (and of course still invoice on completion). If you’ve been waiting for this functionality head over to the sight and check it out. Pricing and Signup

20% OFF CORPORATE & ENTERPRISE LICENCES UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH That’s right, if you’ve been waiting for a special deal, seachange, heartful exchange of goodwill, this is it! Use the coupon code ‘SilverTime’ for a 20% discount on your Corporate or Enterprise license, but only until the end of March.

– Ben Prendergast