How to Enter the ‘Flow State’ to Boost Productivity?


Most project managers feel bogged down by the demands of managing complex projects. They tend to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the tasks, and therefore unable to take quick decisive actions. What they need to do in order to handle big and complex project is to prime their minds to success. In other words, they need to learn how to enter into the ‘flow state’ to manage the projects.

Here we will explain what is meant by the flow state, and how you can attain this state to achieve improved productivity.

What is Meant By the ‘Flow State’?

Have you ever experienced being in a state when everything seems to be clear, and time seems to disappear? If so, you had entered into a state that psychologist call the ‘flow state’.

The ‘flow state’ is a psychological state of mindfulness. It is a state when your mind feels fully alert, aware, and connected. When you enter this state, your sense seems to be heightened – colors appear brighter and sharper, and your mind clearer – that leads to improved productivity. You can with complete precision and poise without much conscious effort.

The positive neurochemicals in the flow state are active and massively amplified during the flow state. The stress hormones are flushed out from the body and you feel complete peace inside. Flow can take you from the seriously subpar to normal, and even supernormal actions.

So, how do you achieve this flow state? Is it momentarily and unconscious, or can you consciously achieve the state of flow?

Achieving the ‘Flow State’ of Improved Productivity

The truth is that you can enter the ‘flow state’ anytime you want. Being in the zone is not just experienced by ‘record-breaking athletes’. The condition is ubiquitous that can be achieved anywhere.

All that you need to do is to achieve perfect mindfulness. To achieve the flow state, you need to eliminate all the distractions in your environment. Simple tasks such as closing the doors, muting the phone, or avoiding using social media channels during work hours can bring a massive improvement to your productivity.

Also, you need to become disengaged to engage in your activities. In other words, you should end all the stressful and worrying thoughts. These self-doubt thoughts can limit your ability to handle complex situations. The less self-doubt you have, the more easily you can absorb into the flow.

At the end of the day, the task of the project manager is to efficiently manage resources to ensure successful completion of the projects. This requires that they diligently work on the tasks that matter the most in terms of impact on project outcome. The above tips can help in entering into the ‘flow’ state and work with improved productivity leading the project team to success.