Food Patrons, We Are Serving – Oh Wait!

You have a restaurant concept that you believe is going to get the buds tantalizing, the moment you open the doors to serve the locals and the tourists. 

You have also identified and reserved a busy location in the downtown area that places your conceptual restaurant in the middle of an ideal business generating surroundings.

Now starts the actual work: the development of your restaurant.

The Whats of a Restaurant Development Project

Below are some of the listed tasks and activities that you need to go through to ensure that everything is done properly and everything is in place before you can open the doors of your restaurant and start serving.

  • You need to hire contractors to design the space for your restaurant and make sure that the delivered design is in line with your proposed budget.
  • You need to get the license and all the essential paperwork sorted, for the contractors to start working on the development of your restaurant.
  • You need to secure insurance for your soon to be serving restaurant.
  • You need to make sure that the utility infrastructure is in place for your restaurant to function properly.
  • You must deploy all the operational and management systems (administrative, accounting, procurement etc.) so that you can run your restaurant conveniently.
  • You need to pass the health inspection before you can finally open your restaurant.   

Managing the Whats of a Restaurant Development Project

Considering the investment that has gone into this business endeavor of yours and the huge scope of work that needs to be implemented, the management of the involved activities become important.

Spreadsheets and paper plans are often the leveraged tools, but where they help you record these activities and the details associated with these activities (albeit a laboriously), these tools do not allow you to synchronize, coordinate and monitor your activities conveniently.

This is where online project management software can benefit the restaurant owners. It allows convenient mapping, monitoring and controlling of the voluminous number of restaurant development tasks from a single dashboard. 

Online Project Management Software Can Help Map Out Tasks

With the help of online project management software you can map out the tasks that need to be executed before a restaurant can be launched for operation. 

Each of these tasks can be divided into a list of subtasks, and these subtasks can then be assigned to an individual. If there are any important prerequisites that need to be followed, like securing the permit for the restaurant’s site development works to commence, you can conveniently define them in the list.

You can then share the dashboard access with the concerned authority, to which the task has been assigned, making sure that everyone working on the project know their duties and responsibilities and the important considerations to review during the execution phase.

Online Project Management Software Can Help You Monitor the Progress of the Project

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using online project management software for managing the restaurant development activities is the ability to monitor the progress of each. The onsite workers can regularly update the status of the task from the site, and as the stakeholder, you can then plan and act accordingly.

For instance, if the next stage of the restaurant development project is to procure the kitchen appliances but the kitchen is not yet completed, you can delay the procurement. This would help you to pay extra for storing the equipments at a different facility, while also avoiding any equipment damages that otherwise may have been incurred due to onsite works.

Online Project Management Software Can Help in the Timely and Cost Effective Delivery of the Project

You have a launch date to meet and you already have a defined budget for the completion of project. With online project management software, you can track the timeline of each activity and the cost incurred in the process.

If there are any discrepancies, you can then strategize for mitigating the expected risk and making sure that the restaurant gets completed within time and within the set budget.

Owning and running a successful restaurant starts with comprehensive planning and coordinated execution. With online project management software, you can plan, manage and execute the process conveniently.