Choosing the Right Work Management Software for Your Content Marketing Agency

For content marketing teams, manual systems just don’t cut it.

Yes, you can comprehensively outline the tasks, set a timeline – but the things defined at the start of a project, hardly remains consistent during the actual execution process.

Information delays accompany the process. Human resource unavailability is often a key issue. Technical failures do hinder the completion of a project. And, there are many other factors that influence the dynamics.   

As such, content marketers and content marketing teams leverage the power of work management software to help them streamline their workflow and complete projects satisfactorily within a given deadline. It is an investment that supports an agency’s content marketing strategy.

Work management and collaboration software help support an agency’s content marketing strategy.

That being said, not every project management software out there, is the right fit for every agency. Needs differ, goals differ, scope of application differs etc., etc.

What factors, do content marketers need to consider before investing in a project management software suite that is the right fit for their agency?

The Software Solution Should Meet the Goals and the Needs

As a decision maker, you need to determine the goals and the needs that you want the solution to deliver and serve.

Is it just for streamlining the whole content producing process by improving the communication between team members? Do you want it to help you identify the clients that are more profitable for your organization? Do you want a solution that improves efficiency? Will the software solution help you to identify the weaknesses in your current team?

Once you know them, you can look for a solution that is well equipped with required features to cater to your needs and goals.

The Software Solution Should be Scalable

Every solution incorporated within a business’ operational model needs to be scalable and so is the case with work management software. You don’t want to be investing in a tool that does not grow with your company, limiting the productivity and efficiency in the process.

Therefore, make sure that you choose a scalable task management software for your content marketing agency.

The Software Solution Should be Easy to Use

Content marketers are part of a work process that requires creativity, focus, determination and out of the box ideas. As such, you cannot afford your team to be laden with another mind devouring exercise: using a project management tool that is too complex to operate.

You need a collaboration software which is easy to implement and use, irrespective of the function being performed through it.

The Software Solution Should be Flexible

At enterprise level, a business’ operating system is increasingly being supported with multiple software solutions in order to achieve maximum coherence, efficiency and productivity in its routine activities. For that to happen, you need computer programs that can be flexibly integrated with one another to provide a comprehensive solution.

When investing in a work management software, it is important to explore the flexibility it offers as an integrated solution.  Ideally speaking, you would want a software that can work with your billing processes, marketing automation tools, accounting software, email client, etc.   

By choosing the right work management and collaboration software, you can leverage its support to reinforce your content marketing strategy, delivering quality projects on time while maximizing the process efficiency.